Love in Ten Lines

Beautiful Taehreh (Some Call It Red) from Calgary, Canada, challenged me to write a poem about love in ten lines, a challenge forwarded to her from a friend.

Here are her guidelines:

  1. Write about love using only 10 lines.
  2. Use the word love in every line.
  3. Each line can only be 4 words long.
  4. Nominate 10 or so others who are up for the challenge.
  5. Let them know about the challenge.
  6. Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.
  7. Include a quote about love. (This can be your own.)
  8. You may write in any language.

Here is my entry:

Love in Ten Lines

Love is not silent,

yet love is loud;

love is invisible, yet

love is a portrait;

head-over-heels love

makes moonlit romantic love

worth the troubles love

brings us; and, “Love

that springs love eternal

is the best love.”*

© 2015 by Ron Kule, Poet. Reserved.

Here are my 10 (Facebook friend) invitees to take the 10-line poem challenge:

Christina Moss; Abla Verde; LD Sledge; Taehreh (back atcha!); Karen Nelson Bell; Cat Firstman; NK Goddard; NoteSlinger Dwight Mikkelson; David Carus

(* love quote by Ron Kule, Poet.)

About Ronald Joseph Kule, Biographer/Novelist/Ghostwriter

Acclaimed biographer, novelist, ghostwriter, and sales-training expert. I write/ghostwrite biographies and historical fiction books commissioned by clients. Always five-star quality, I deliver more than what is expected. My sales-training books/courses series, LISTEN MORE SELL MORE, is the basis for my training workshops. On commission, I ghostwrite books for clients whenever available. Since 2010, I have written, ghosted, and published 10-12 books. Inquiries to commission my services for a biography, historical fiction novel, memoir, or a sales-training workshop or keynote speech should be emailed to: Your inquiries and posts are welcome!
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8 Responses to Love in Ten Lines

  1. Blair King says:

    I did this as well. Did you find it challenging?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. taehreh says:

    Ahh! You included the quote in the lines…. so sneaky! Brilliant! (Why didn’t I think of that? :))

    You have written the kind of love that everyone dreams of having. Really touched me. So glad you took up the challenge, Ron! xoxo (and so wonderfully as I knew you would!)

    Liked by 1 person

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